• Providing Everyday Physical Support

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Compression Onesie

Encased Seams

Uncompromising Quality

Fully encased seams for strong, smooth comfort.

Envelope shoulders for ease of taking on and off.

Reinforced snaps for durability.


"This product is great!  It not only stays in place, it also gives consistent compression no matter who puts it on the child. I’ve found families to be more consistent with using this product than with the belly binder wraps, which I’ve used in the past. Caregivers can forget about it once it’s on."

Tina Copeland, PT

"I love this Onesie! It is a simple idea that this mom (and professional seamstress) came up with to solve the problem of keeping the abdominal binder on her wiggly baby. My families are so much more compliant with using this binder."  

Lin Zoeller, PT

So Glad You are Here

 Welcome to Fearfully and Wonderfully Made. We are very excited to introduce the Compression Onesie! Our precious little ones with decreased muscle tone and other continuing needs will benefit daily with the Compression Onesie.

Better postural control, gentle support, and an overall secure feeling of a constant hug are just a few of the daily benefits your child will receive with the Compression Onesie.

New Arrivals!

Keep an eye out our printed Compression Onesies in boy and girl prints!